FCX Vendor Product Catagories It is our mission at FCX Performance to maximize the value that we provide to our cutomers. We utilize hundreds of vendors across the nation in order to provide thousands of the highest quailty products at the most competitive prices possible. Below is a list of our vendors, whom we have found to provide the most favorable solutions at competitive prices for nearly every industrial situation.


Vendor Products
ABB AnalyticalpH, Conductivity, Turbidity, ORP, DO, Silica, Sodium, Hydrazine, Combustion, 02/CO

Control SystemsCompact DCS, Scalable from 100 to 10, 000 I/O points

ControllersSingle, Multi-loop, 1/4 - 1/8 and 1/16 DIN

Damper DrivesElectric, Pneumatic, Linkages

Device Management ToolsHart Handheld Communicators, Multifunctional Calibrators, Software

Diaphragm SealsFully welded, Industrial or Sanitary

FlowmetersMass, Magnetic, Vortex, Swirl, Wedge, Variable area

PositionersElectropneumatic, Pneumatic, Smart

RecordersCircular, Strip, Videographic

TransducersI/P, P/I, Field, DIN rail, Rack mount

TransmittersPressure, Differential, Level, Flow, Temperature, Hart, Fieldbus

Variable Frequency DrivesAC and DC drives & motors, 1/6 HP to 600 HP

Web Tension SystemsPillowBlock Load Cells

AnalyticalConductivity, Resistivityy, pH Dissolved Oxygen

Process InstrumentsMagmeters, Transmitters, Recorders, Controllers

ABZ Valve
Action Instruments I/O SolutionsSignal conditioners, Isolators, DIN rail, Field mount

InstrumentsSignal Conditioners, Isolators, DIN Rail, Field Mount

Alco Valves Indicators & Flow ProductsHigh pressure needle valves, High pressure ball valves, Check & plug valves, Super alloy valves, Instrument manifolds

Alfa Laval (Tri Clover) ValvesAutomated seat, Mix-proof

Alfai Laval
Alfal Laval FittingsSanitary Stainless Steel, 15RA Electropolished, 20RA Mechanical Polished

High Purity TubingMechanical Polished, EP Finish

Rotary Lobe & Centrifugal PumpWFI, CIP, SIP, Electropoloshed, Single & Double Mechanical Seals, Liquid Ring, Positive Displacement

Sanitary ValvesAutomated Seat, Mix-Prof, Multi-Port, Butterfly

Amco MetersPositive displacement, Turbine flow

American Packing & Gasket CouplingsCam & Groove

Anderson / Negele
Anderson Greenwood Valves & AccessoriesIsolatin, Gauge & Severe service valves, Manifolds, Direct mount systems, Enclosures

Anderson Greenwood Crosby Pressure Relief ValvesSpring & Pilot Operated, Flanged, Screwed, Full Nozzle

Anderson Greenwood/Crosby
Anderson Instrument InstrumentsPressure & temperature gauges, Transmitters, RTDs, Recorders, Controllers, CPM fittings

Sanitary InstrumentsTemperature, Pressure, Level, Recorders & Controllers and Pressure Gauges

Array Severe Service ValvesBall Valves, Gate Valves, Plug Valves, Actuators

Asco Solenoid Valves2 3 & 4 way, Dust collector, Limit switches

Ashcroft PressureGauges, Diaphragm seals, Transducers, Switches, Calibrators

TemperatureThermometers, Thermowells, Switches

Gauges & Accessories1032 Sanitary Gauges, A2/KS Transducers, Pressure Switches, 320 Mini-seals, Tri-clamp Process Seals

AT Controls ActuatorsPneumatic, Electric, Heavy-duty scotch yoke

Automated Ball ValvesControl, Direct-mount

Manual Ball ValvesNPT, Socket weld, Multi-port, V-port

ATI : Analytical Technology Inc.
ATI : Automation Technology Inc.
Badger Meter Control ValvesLow flow, High pressure, Sanitary

FlowmetersMagnetic, Fractional sizes

Baldor / Reliance / Dodge
Bindicator Level & Flow TransmittersPoint & continuous, Dry product flow

BS&B Overpressure ProtectionRupture Discs, Safety Heads, Explosion Vents, Wireless Sensors, Monitoring Systems

Burling Valves
Burns Engineering Temperatures SensorsRTDs, Transmitters, Thermocouples

Check All Check ValvesIndustrial, Sanitary

Sanitary ValvesPTFE & Stainless Steel Check

Chem Flowtronics Indicators & Flow ProductsFlow meters, Sight glass, Liquid level

Circle Seal Controls Valves & AccessoriesCheck Valves, Pressure Regulators, Relief Valves, Shut-off Valves

Collins Instrument Control ValvesCorrosion resistant, Globe and Grounding rings

Control Air Pneumatic ControlsI/Ps, Regulators, Volume boosters

Crane Valve
Delavan Level Switches & TransmittersManetorestrictive, Microwave, Ultrasonic, Capacitance

Deltech Air Treatment ProductsFiltration, Refrigerated & Desiccant Air Dryers, Compressed Air Filters

DFT Inc. (Durabla) In-Line Check ValvesIndustrial, Sanitary

Dwyer InstrumentsPressure, Flow, Level, Temperature

Ebro USA Butterfly ValvesHigh performance, PTFE and rubber-lined

Erdco Flow ProductsIndicators, Switches, Transmitters

FCI HoseSmooth Bore, Convoluted Teflon Hose

FCX Performance
Fedd Wireless Wireless Process MonitoringField units, Repeaters, RTUs, Receivers, Interface processors

Fireye Flame ManagementMulti-burner, Flame scanners, Burner systems

Flow Technology InstrumentsSanitary Turbine, Controllers

FLOWSERVE PositionersConventional, Smart, Digital, Fieldbus, Valve diagnostic software

Flowserve (Atomac) Ball & Check ValvesPFA, FEP, Ploy-lined

Flowserve (Automax) ActuatorsElectric, Rack & pinion, Scotch yoke

Valve AccessoriesLimit switches, Positioners

Flowserve (Durco) Butterfly ValvesHigh performance, PTFE & PFA Lined

Plug ValvesAlloy sleeved, TFE Lined

Flow-Tek Ball valvesThreaded, Flanged, Sanitary, Multi-port, V-port

Fluidic Techniques
Fluorseal Specialty Valves Plug ValvesLined Plug Valves, Severe Service Plug Valves, Sleeved Plug Valves, Special Service Plug Valves

Flxi Drive
FNW Knife Gate ValvesMetal, Resilient, Lined seats

ValvesBall, Pinch, Globe, Check

Forney Corporation Combustion Safety SystemsIgniters, Flame Detectors, Duct Burners, Burner Management Systems

Garlock Lined Butterfly ValvesTFE, PVDF, FPFA, UHMWPE

Gasco FlowmetersGas cylinders, Regulators

GE Sensing Instrument & Sensing TechnologUltrasonic, Flowmeters, Humidity & moisture, Contact sensors

George Fischer Corrosion Resistant ValvesBall, Butterfly, Diaphragm, Manual, Automated

GO Regulators RegulatorsPressure Regulators, Diaphragm Valves, Filters

Hilton ValvesCheck, Knife gate, Wedge gate, Air cylinders

Hoke AccessoriesLow volume fittings, Sample cylinders

FittingsGyrolok instrument & tube

Valves & AccessoriesManifolds, Metering, Ball, Needle, Plug, Packless, Check, Actuators

Hydroseal Pressure Relief ValvesASME Section VIII, Spring Loaded

ITT Industries
ITT Industries - Pure Flo Sanitary Diaphragm Valves2-Way, Multi-Port, Tank Bottom, Sample, Fabricated Assemblies

ITT Industries (Cam-Line) Lined ValvesPlastic lined, PVDF coating

ITT Industries (Cam-Tite) ValvesNon-spherical, Beveled Edge

ITT Industries (Dia-Flo) Diaphragm ValvesLined, Industrial

ITT Industries (Fabri) Knife Gate ValvesHigh performance, ANSI rated, Bubble tight, Vacuum, Fabricated through 96

ITT Industries (Pure-Flo) Sanitary ValvesManual & automated, Tank bottom vales, Single or multi-port diaphragm valves

ITT Industries (Skotch) Burner SystemsDouble-block & Vent burner safety, Shut-off valves for oil & gas fired systems

ITT Jabsco
ITT PROServices
John C. Ernst Indicators & Flow ProductsFlow meters, Sight glass, Totalizers, Liquid level gauges, Level switches

Jordan Valve
K Type Damper Drives
Kaajani Consistency Consistency MeasurementKajaani MCA, Analyzers, Transmitters, Sampling valves

KCC Corrosion Control
KEP Flat Panel MonitorsIndustrial FPMs, Sunlight readable displays

Flow ProductsSignal conditioners, Monitors (process, level, temperature), Field indicators, Ratemeters/Totalizers, Batches, Flow computers, Communication solutions, Factory automated software, Special flow instruments, Accessories

Operator InteracesTouch screen displays, MMI message centers, Software, Smart cables

Kistler Morse MeasurementLoad cells, In-process batching

MeasurementLoad Cells, In-Process Batching

Koso Hammel Dahl Control ValvesAngle & globe style, Stem & cage guided

K-Patents Process RefractometersDissolved solids, Inline concentration

Kunkle Pressure Relief ValvesBronze, Brass, iron, Steel, Pressure to 6500 PSIG

Lee Industries VesselsSanitary Tanks, Kettles, Mixing Equipment

Lenze AC Tech
Limitorque ActuatorsElectric and Pneumatic Motor Driven Actuators, Gear Operators

Love Joy, Inc. / Martin
Mac Weld
Magnetrol Level & Flow SwitchesCapacitance, Ultrasonic, Float, MTL, Thermal dispersion, Displacer

Level & Flow TransmittersThrough-air, Guided wave radar, Ultrasonic, RF Capacitance, Thermal dispersion, MTL

Leval & Flow SwitchesCapacitance, Ultrasonic, Thermal Dispersion, Float, Displacer

Level & Flow TransmittersGuided Wave Radar, RF Capacitance, Contact, Thermal Dispersion, Thru Air Radar

Mestro Automation
Metso Automation (Jamesbury) ActuatorsElectric, Rack & pinion, Spring diaphragm

Ball valvesFlanged, Screwed, 3pc., High pressure, Multiport, Alloys, Special service

Butterfly ValvesHigh performance, Cryogenic

Metso Automation (Neles) ActuatorsElectric, Linear, Rotary, Diaphragm, Piston

Control ValvesEccentric plug, Segment, Ball, Butterfly, On/off valves

PositionersSmart, Electropneumatic, Pneumatic

SoftwareValve selection, Supervisory, Diagnostic

Micromod Automation Process ControllersMicro-DCI, MOD, SLC

Mueller Steam Specialties
Mueller Steam Specialties StrainersBasket, Y-Style, Duplex, High Alloy

ValvesPlug, Teflon lined Plug, Butterfly, Check

NBS TemperatureThermowells, Thermocouples, RTDs, Calibration

Newman Sanitary Gasket GasketsSanitary, O-Rings

NGK Ceramic ValvesPlug, diaphragm, Ceramic pumps, Mag-drive, Centrifugal

Niagara Meters BINDICATOR Level ControlsPoint level sensing for liquids & solids

Industrial Heat Trace SolutionsTarget, Nutating disc, Oval gear

Nord Drive Systems, Inc.
O'Brien Corporation AccessoriesHeated Tubing Bundles, Instrument Enclosure Systems, Instrument Stands

Onyx Valve ValvesPinch valves, Manual valves, Check valves, Replacement sleeves & expansion joints

Optimux ValvesGlobe control valves

Orion Magnetic Level IndicatorsGuided wave radar, Magnetostrictive transmitters

Partlow InstrumentsProcess controllers, Circular chart recorders

PBM Ball valvesSanitary, Multi-port, 2 & 3 way, Jacketed, Tank Bottom, Igenix

HangersPipe & Tube

Sanitary ValvesIgenix High Purity, CHS Series, Multi- Port Flush Tank Bottom

Steam ProductsClean Steam Ball Valve

PDC ValvesCustom & standard butterfly valves, Damper valves

Penberthy Indicators & Flow ProductsSight flow, Liquid & magnetic level, Gage glass, Educators, Jet pumps

Pow-R-Jac Engineered Solutions ActuatorsMachine & ball screw jacks, Custom & motorized systems, North American Service Center

PQS Flow ElementsOrifice plates & flanges, Venturis, Nozzles, Meter tubes

Precision Digital Digital Panel MetersLine or Loop powered displays, Annunciators

Digital Panel MetersLine or Loop Powered Displays, Annunciators

Pyromation Temperature SensorsThermocouples, RTDs, Thermowells, Sensor wire

Temperature SensorsCIP RTDs, 3-A Sanitary Council Standard #74-00

QCI Rotary ValvesMulti-port

Raytek Infrared ThermometersNon-contact, Temperature measurement, Automation, Portable products

RCS Electric ActuatorsOn-off, Control fail-safe, Spring return

Resistoflex / PSI
Richter Process Pumps & Valves
Rotork Fluid Power Actuators ActuatorsScotch Yoke Pneumatic, Rack & Pinion Pneumatic, Hydraulic

Rubberfab Technologies Group GasketsSanitary, O-Rings, Orifice Flanges, Thermocouples, Special Fabrication

Rupture Pin Technology Overpressure ProtectionRupture & Buckling Pins

Saint Gobain - Nalgene Process VesselsNon-Metallic, Carboys, Fabrication

Saint Gobain - Sani-Tech Fittings & TubingNon-Metallic, Tri-Clamp, SIB System, Polypropylene, PVDF

HosesSanitary Valves

Saint Gobain (Flexible Component)
Saint Gobain (NALGENE)
Saint Gobain (Pure-Fit)
Saint Gobain (Sani-Tech)
Sanitary Process Components Flow ProductsSterile Flow Indicators, Access Ports, Unions, Flanges, Aseptic Sample Valves

Severe Service Technologies Ball valvesMetal & ceramic seated, High Pressure & temperature up to ANSI 4, 500#

Signet Scientific Corrosion Resistant InstrumentFlow, pH, Conductivity, ORP, Transmitters

SMITH Flow Control Ltd.
Spirax Sarco Check ValvesDual Disc, Silent

Condensate RecoverySteam Traps & Regulators, Pressure Powered Pumps & Pump Traps, Trap Surveys, Boiler Controls & metering Specialties

RegulatorsPressure, Back Pressure, Temperature, Direct & Pilot- Acting

Safety Relief ValvesBronze, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel

Steam AccessoriesConsensate Pumps, Desuperheaters, Noise Treatment

Steam TrapsFloat & Thermostatic, Inverted Bucket, Universal Mount, Variable Oricifie

StrainersBasket, Duplex, Y, Automatic

Steam ProductsRegulators, Stainless Steel Steam traps, Filters

Sponsler Turbine MetersIndustrial, Cryogenic, Flow rate/Total indicators

Turbine MetersTri-clamp Connected, 3-A Approved

Stainless Motors Motors & GearsStainless Steel

Sterling Motors, Inc.
Stonel Valve AccessoriesLimit switches, Position indicators, Bus networks

TBV Inc.
Thornton Associates Meters & ControllersConductivity, Resistivity, pH, Dissolved oxygen

Triad Primary Flow ElementsOrifice plates, flanges, flow nozzles

Turck Connectivity ProductsFlexible wiring solutions, Cordsets, Flow & temperature sensors, I/S barriers, Field Bus

SwitchesPoint Level, Non-invasive Level Detection

Tyco Thermal Controls Industrial Heat Trace SolutionsHeat Tracing, Snow Melting & De-Icing, Specialty Heating, Floor Heating, Temperature Measurement, Leak Detection, Fire & Performance Wiring

Ultraflo Butterfly ValvesResilient seated, Lug, Wafer, Lined, Actuation

Unitorq Automation AccessoriesPneumatic actuators, Solenoid valves, Limit switches, Positioners

Valvcon Electric ActuatorsOn/off, Control, Fail-safe

Van London AnalyticalpH and Conductivity analyzers & probes

Veris Flow SensorsInsertion style, Velocity averaging

VNE FittingsSanitary and Specialty Fabrication

Watlow Electric HeatingHeating elements, Controllers & Power controls

Electric HeatingHeating elements, Controllers & Power controls

Watson McDaniel Steam ProductsRegulators, Stainless Steel Steam traps, Filters

WCR Heat ExchangersPlate & Frame, Welded Plate, Brazed, Tube & Shell

Heat ExchangersPlate & Frame, Welded Plate, Brazed, Tube & Shell

Weschler Instruments Bargraph MetersAnalog, Digital, Transformer Guardian

Westlock Controls Valve AccessoriesLimit switches, Position indicators, Bus networks

Valve AccessoriesValve Position Monitors

Wey Knife Gate ValvesHigh performance, Bubble tight, High pressure, Vacuum service, Actuators

Yamatake Control ValvesGlobe, Actuators, Positioners

Cornerstone Valves600-4500# ANSI Meatal Seated Ball, Steam blowdown, Multi-port accessories

YCV TranmisttersPressure, Temperature, Level, HART, Fieldbus, DE Protocol

Zwick Triple Offset Butterfly ValvesConical seating, Zero leakage, Metal seated quarter turn

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